I make things
Web Design, App Development, Big Data, Parkour, Snowboarding, FPGA, HDL

Why a developer?

Computers have always fascinated me. I was always on the curious side and wanted to learn how they operated. One day I went to the bookstore and walked out with a programming language book. Now I am studying computer science and doing internships in cool companies.

some of my projects

QNote Logo


Blazing fast note taking

It opens in milliseconds and closes when you lock your phone. Perfect for noting homeworks without getting the teacher's attention.

IPManager Logo


DHCP made easy

If a workplace uses static IP and the employees carry their computers between their homes and offices everyday, it changes DHCP settings automatically.

PhotoSec Logo


secure your photos!

Select some photos from the phone’s gallery and password protect them. Oh, and there is a fake password feature!


Programming Languages

Java, C++, Objective-C & more...

At the age of 13, I started coding with Microsoft SmallBasic. Then, I walked out of a bookstore with a C# book in my hand. Then, started making Windows Desktop apps. Mobile technologies were rapidly developing at that time so I made some progress with Mobile Technologies. With the little C# knowledge I had, I made QNote and PhotoSec for Windows Phone. Then continued on with other platforms and other technologies. Now I am comfortable to work with several programming languages and frameworks. Make sure to go through my CV for more details!


Photoshop, Illustrator & a pencil

Design is as equally important as the engineering behind the product. I started by drawing computers and user interfaces. Prototyping with a pencil before building the actual product helps you understand the requirements better. Once you understand this relationship, your products get better.


Parkour & Freerunning

After playing tennis for a while, I started doing parkour. It has been almost 4 years now and we started a student organization which does parkour oriented exercises in school. Also, I quite enjoy snowbarding. Check my Instagram and other social media accounts for my parkour videos!

Ongoing Projects

Today's Meal In Marmara Logo

Today's Meal in Marmara

meal in a different form

I wonder if today's meal is delicious or not. I have to check the school's website and... I wish it came as a notification.

Rocky Journey Logo

Rocky Journey

an FPGA game

We know how to FPGA, so why not FPGA. A dull but fun to make game. Not fun to play just yet...

Personal Website Logo

A Website

a truly personal one

A lot of effort has been made for this website. Much paperwork & design. I'll make a seperate section telling how I made this.

Çelik Köseoğlu


Contact Info

Bilkent University
6800 Bilkent
Ankara, Turkey