Full Stack Development, Programming Livestreams, Car Reviews, Parkour


Hello! I’m Çelik, a software engineer. I build software for the web, mobile platforms, backend systems, you name it! Here are some interesting facts about me:

  • I’ve been building things using computers since the age of 12
  • I had an app that got 10k downloads on Windows Phone Store when I was 16
  • I do programming livestreams on Twitch
  • I used to teach Parkour! I still do it on the weekends
  • I like driving and I occassionally film car reviews
  • I do graphics design and can use the full adobe suite

I am highly self-motivated, always willing to improve and push the boundaries in any way possible. I keep myself up to date with recent technologies and diversify my professional work so I can grow an extensive skillset in different areas.

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Design is as equally important as the engineering behind the product. When I work on design, I constantly ask myself about how the user is going to interact with it. I prefer prototyping with a pen and paper because it allows you to draw everything freely, rather than thinking about limitations.

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Turning the design mockup into a reality is another form of art. This part of coding requires a lot of attention to detail. No matter how good the rest of your stack is, the front end defines your interaction with the user. In the front end space, I mainly worked on native Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications, and websites.

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After the customer taps a button on your front end application, all sorts of magic happens here. The code needs to be clean, modular and easy to modify. Every moving piece has should have a single responsibility. I’ve mainly worked with Spring and NodeJS applications in my professional career.

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Getting something out there is great but what about it’s reliability? In the hands of a customer, every moving piece has to work together in harmony. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work with projects over 1m lines of code. In all my professional work, I’ve applied extensive testing strategies for everything I can.